Tara Klager

Tara Klager

I'm a first-generation farmer and have been involved in some kind of writing work for over 20 years.

Originally from southwestern Ontario, I grew up in a part of the country where textile production was the bread-and-butter for whole communities - and I watched that industry die in front of me, a victim of fast fashion and cheap, overseas exploitative labour.

Now that I am the shepherd for Canada's only Animal Welfare Approved fibre farm and the steward of 40 acres just northwest of Cochrane, Alberta, I'm passionate about building resilient landscapes, animal care standards, heritage breed conservation, reconciliation with our Indigenous communities and rebuilding our connections between fibre and place.

Welcome to my frontier!

Join us as we take a good look at "Resilient Fibre - from a producer's perspective."

We will begin at the beginning - a brief overview of our fibre origins in Canada, the rise and then decline of Canada's fibre/textile industry including some of the reasons for it and then move on to what it all looks like now.

Our discussion will be engaging and vibrant and we will touch on hot button issues like -

  • challenges for producers and building a knowledgeable clientele
  • climate change and regenerative agriculture's role in the fibre landscape including how small ruminants can be part of our stewardship goals
  • moving beyond "sustainability"
  • animal welfare standards and priorities
  • strategies and approaches to sourcing high-quality, ethical fibre
  • Farm Basics . . . And more!