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Rigid Heddle Weaving with Alison Hurlburt

Class description

In this two-hour workshop, we will cover the basics of dressing your loom and beginning to weave a simple and beautiful cotton scarf. Rigid heddle looms are fun and accessible weaving tools, but knowing all the tips and tricks for successful set up can make your weaving even more enjoyable!

Participants will receive a copy of our Checked Scarf pattern ahead of time, so that we can begin with our warps already measured and ready to wind on.

Experienced rigid heddle instructor Ali Hurlburt will lead the group through winding on solo, threading, lashing on, weaving a header, and finally getting going on the project itself! There will be time for questions as well as time to weave along.

Whether you're new to rigid heddle weaving or could simply use a refresher, this workshop will increase your confidence and help make your weaving more consistent, more beautiful, and more enjoyable to make!

The supply list is:

  • minimum 15" wide rigid heddle loom with a 10-dent heddle,
  • one cone 8/4 cotton in Teal,
  • one cone Mallo cotton in Natural.

Finished object

Spring Check pattern

Instructor info

Alison Hurlburt

IG Live Interview