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Curious Fox

Curious Fox Fibres

Danielle is a textile artist and designer living and working in Treaty 6 territory; she is also an instructor at Fern's School of Craft. She began her textile journey with a single frame loom and now her studio is home to a collection of tapestry and floor looms, a spinning wheel, and more! Danielle is passionate about exploring how traditional craft can be a path to a more sustainable world.

Imagine Yarn

Imagine Yarn

My final product is hand dyed long curly locks that people use to add texture to weavings, spinning yarn, felting, doll hair or wall hangings.  The process to get there is what I love.  I build relationships with the sheep farmers, pick the fleeces with the most curls and pull every lock by hand.  Then they get washed and hand dyed to create beautiful long curly colored locks for artists to add to their creations. I have started using Indigo  Dye and its just amazing, an art form that takes years to master....each vat is different and I learn something new each time. Enjoy the colors of my work.

Jo's Yarn Garden

Jo's Yarn Garden

One stop shop for yarn, fiber and Ashford equipment

Maple & Rose

Maple & Rose

Hello! I'm Jenni! I'm a Journeywoman cabinetmaker turned work at home mom. After my 2 sons were born I wanted to find a way to stay home with them; so I decided to take my education in woodworking and become a maker! I have been specializing in laser engraving since 2015. .


Neatnik Yarns

Neatnik Yarns are hand dyed yarns that are anything but ordinary! Always one to search out the elusive bright, variegated colourways, when Angela (the human behind Neatnik Yarns) started dyeing her own yarns in 2018 it made perfect sense for her to gravitate towards the biggest, boldest and baddest yarns she could find!

Since then, Angela has been on a fantastical fibre adventure. Already at home knitting and crocheting, her spinning wheel arrived right as the pandemic hit in March of 2020, giving her time to play and hone her skills creating art yarn. By the fall of 2020 she was selling hand dyed fibre for spinning and creating Wooly Wall Hangings as a way to channel her love for her colourful and chunky art yarn. In December 2020 she bought her first rigid heddle loom. And that was it. Now she has three.
Since discovering weaving, Angela has expanded her yarn bases to include cotton and non-superwash bases, with the goal of making all the things with her yarns! Whether you are a knittier, crocheter, weaver, tapestry maker or hand knitter, she’s got a yarn for you!

sleepy sheep

Sleepy Sheep Workshop

Fiber Art Tools for Rad People!

Specializing in Stitch Markers to make you smile, giggle, and maybe raise some eyebrows.