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Macrame Plant Hanger with Angela Rideout

Class description

In this workshop you will learn:

  • An overview of the materials and techniques used in macramé

  • How to create several essential basic macramé knots

  • How to incorporate a hanging ring, and wooden beads into your work

You will leave with your own plant hanger, and the knowledge to create designs on your own! This plant hanger will fit a range of pot sizes; 5 to 8 inches in diameter is ideal. The total length will be
approx. 100-115cm (40”-45”) (this can be made shorter if preferred).

In order to create this project you will need to secure the wooden hanging ring in a comfortable spot so that you can work with and pull on the cord we will be attaching to it. My favourite way to do this is to hang it from, or tie it to, a clothing rack. If you don’t have a clothing rack find a space that will be comfortable for you, such as a coat hook, door handle, etc. You can even securely tape the ring to the edge of a table. Keep in mind that you will also need your computer or phone handy to interact on the workshop platform.

Materials list

The following materials will be supplied in a kit at an additional cost of $10 (for local pick-up, additional charge for shipping). Buying the kit is optional; you can use your own supplies if you choose.

  • One wooden ring, 5 - 6.5cm (2” – 2.5”) in diameter

  • 3mm, 4-strand natural macramé cord, approx. 29m, pre-cut into eight, 3.5m lengths (plus extra for finishing knot)

    Note: if using your own material, 3mm – 4mm cord will work best

  • Three wooden beads approx. 1.3cm (0.5”) in diameter, with a hole at least 0.5cm (beads are optional)

Household tools needed (not supplied in kit):

  • Scissors

  • Masking or scotch tape (optional, but helpful to thread beads onto the cord)

  • Ruler or measuring tape (not essential, but helpful to determine the length you want your hanger)

Buy the kit:

Angela has provided a kit also:

Finished object

Macrame plant hanger

Instructor info

Angela Rideout

Angela Live on Instagram