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Landscape Felting with Andrea & Carmen

Class description

Paint with wool using a drum carder and then felt it using basic felting techniques. Embellishing with needle felting, and simple stitching, we will play with colours and textures. 

With (supreme) guidance from Carmen and Andrea you will make a one of a kind landscape. 


No experience required just lots of free wheeling creativity. 

Materials list

Bring your sense of adventure and fun; also two old towels, a bucket of cool soapy water, bubble wrap, netting or tulle, scissors, and any embroidery materials you may have to embellish at your own pace. 


Here is the link to the kits, one is just fibre for people with a carder and the other is a carded batt for people with no drum carder

Here is an additional tool kit if desired...

Finished object

Felted landscape

Instructor info