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Jenn Bowes

Jenn Bowes
Hi, I'm Jenn. This is me with the first lamb that was born on our farm, Esme - a BFL/Gotland cross.
So, my biography.  I grew up in Lamont, just outside of Edmonton.  I later moved to Edmonton in 1995 where I studied Fine Arts at the University of Alberta.  I completed a Bachelors degree in Drawing and Painting and later completed my Masters degree in Drawing.  I continued to teach at the U of A as a Sessional instructor for eight years.  In 2007, I moved up north to continue teaching full-time in Grande Prairie and Dawson Creek, BC.
Between 1999 and 2007, I travelled extensively through Europe and Nepal.  When I was in Turkey, I visited many weavers and spinners.  I first learned to spin when I was in Nepal at a weaving school in Patan.  I brought this new interest into my studio work, where repetition became increasingly important in my work.  I was selected in 2007 to complete a piece of work for the Alberta Biennial, displayed at the Art Gallery of Alberta and the Banff Centre for the Arts.
I first bought sheep in 2016, when we (Trevor, Ellie and myself) bought a farm outside of Dawson Creek.  We decided on Blue Faced Leicester and Gotlands.  We also bought Clun forests and North Country Cheviot crosses.  We moved to Brisco, BC in August 2019.  Our flock started with three sheep in 2016 and now we have around 140 sheep, mainly Gotlands.  During Covid restrictions, I have been really trying to focus on the fibre part of our farm - building an inventory of yarn and roving, but also in selling quality raw locks.  We are excited to have our first registered Gotland ram lambs born on the farm this year (87.5% or greater). We also had a nice crop of registered Gotland ewe lambs this year.  Maybe one day, I will be able to quit my day job and work on the farm full-time.