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Intro to Mosaic Knitting with Cynthia Dorrough

Class description

Have you wanted to inject some colorwork into your knitting life? Have you watched videos or read directions about other techniques and felt hopelessly confused by handling two (or more) strands of yarn simultaneously?

In this class, you will be introduced to a very beginner-friendly colorwork technique that involves handling yarn one color at a time and there are no extra lengths to trap behind your work. If you know how to knit a stitch and how to slip a stitch, you are well on your way to mosaic knitting. In this class you will learn the mosaic knitting technique and will work on a swatch for a sock pattern, we will also discuss ways on manipulating a pattern to create visual interest in a pattern.

Class attendees will also have a full sock pattern to work on after they complete the class.

Materials list

  • Approximately 20 g of fingering weight yarn, (stash yarn is acceptable)
  • Find the collaboratively designed kit for this workshop by visiting Numana Yarns

Cynthia Dorrough