Fibre Soiree

 Fibre Soiree Essential Luxury of Art

Join us for the inaugural event August 21st!

A Seasonal Speaker Series Curated for the Intentional Fibre Artist

A Fibre Soirée is an exclusive educational and sensory experience for those who love luxury teas, mimosa brunch dates and intentional creative adventures.

Fibre Soirées are a great way to meet other fibre artists in an intimate and beautiful setting, and gain inspiration from your peers. Our seasonal Fibre Soirées are designed to give you a chance to relax and enjoy the company of others who share your interest in

  • handspinning
  • weaving
  • knitting
  • crochet
  • macrame
  • embroidery
  • felting

Learn from thought leaders in the field of arts & crafts, and hear the innovative approaches being taken to push the envelope in our beloved ancient art forms.

 Our first speaker is Caroline Sommerfeld, one of the craft textile industry's influential experts.

Take home a luxurious artistic kit specifically chosen for you, based on your preference when you purchase your ticket.

Beautiful in every detail, our kits make it easy to try something new and enjoy a tasteful experience of textile art. Choose your modality in one of our curated themes, and we will have all the materials you need waiting for you in a beautifully-packaged box at the Fibre Soirée. Unbox your kit at the Soirée, or save it for home—it’s yours to savour!

With step-by-step instructions on how to use them, this is the perfect way to start your journey into fibre art, or take a new path for an experienced artist!

Click Below for tickets to the inaugural Fibre Soiree!

August 21st Fibre Soiree Glass House Kitchen