Elana Goodfellow

Elana GoodfellowElana Goodfellow is a Master Spinner living in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada and who co-owns the fibre business two times infinity.
Elana’s passion is exploring, continuing and revitalizing the art and craft of the past. Teaching, writing and sharing hand spinning techniques is part of that journey.
You can find Elana on Instagram at @twotimesinfinity.

Back to Basics - Washing and Prepping Fleece

Have you been wanting to buy a sheep fleece to use in your fibre work but don’t know where to start once you have it?

This class is for you!

We are going to learn different methods of washing a sheep’s fleece and once it is dried we will work on different ways of preparing the locks so that they are ready for use in projects such as spinning or felting.

This is a hands-on class where you will be doing each step of working with a fleece.

The class will cover

  • the parts of a fleece,
  • bulk washing and dip washing and
  • fibre prep techniques of teasing, flick carding, hand-carding and combing

Tools and Supplies for Students to Bring

  • Mesh laundry bags
  • Hand cards, full sized or narrow ones
  • Wool Combs, if you have them but they are not essential
  • Dog brush that we will use for flick carding
  • Dog comb
  • Lap cloth. this can be an old pillowcase
  • Rubber gloves
  • A diz if you have one or a milk bottle cap with hole punched in the middle of it
  • Clean bags to bring home pre-washed dry fleece samples and wet fleece samples

Note: If you don’t have hand cards, you will still learn how to prep your fleece from beginning to end. The hand-carding exercises will be demos for you. There is still a lot to learn even without using hand cards!