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Cara Barter

 My name is Cara Barter.

I am a Tsimshian Fibre Artist. I began my wool journey when I was a child, and my mother taught me how to crochet. I also dabbled in rug hooking but didn't really stick with either.  I fell in love with wool in my 30s when I was a student at university. At the University of Victoria First Peoples House, we had a program for Indigenous Women and Children led by Elder, May Sam. May taught us how to process wool from raw fleece into a woven Coast Salish Blanket. Wool became my therapy to help me deal with the stresses of learning about colonization and the chronic pain conditions that became part of my life. I learned skirting, washing, carding, spinning, dyeing, weaving, felting, and knitting I was completely hooked! I wanted to learn everything wool! When I graduated from university, I started SpiritSong Fibreworks. I began selling handspun yarns and finished items. SpiritSong was my side hustle while I worked in various office environments, helping to support Indigenous organizations and people. By 2016, my family'd had enough of city life and wanted a slower pace. We decided to sell our house in Victoria and move back to the Oceanside area. My health continued to present challenges and I was finding it difficult working the 9-5 lifestyle. Once we settled in Coombs, I took some business training and started SpiritSong Fibre Studio. I booked myself into local markets and set up an online Etsy shop. Click here to check it out. I continue on this journey, building community and spreading fibre love.