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Beginner Beading with Felice Gladue

Class description

Join Felice Gladue of MetisALIVE to learn the traditional Metis skill and art of beadwork. Create a beaded treasure using the one needle beading technique.Discover why the Metis have been referred to as “The Flower Beadwork People”, explore how Metis beadwork connects us to the land and learn about the meaning of “spirit beads”.


No beading experience needed.

Materials list

Supplies for beading: 

- at least 1 tsp* of size 10 glass seed beads in a variety of colors (8 different colors makes a good palette) * a true tsp using a measuring spoon

- at least 3 size 10 or 11 long beading needles

- white beading thread such as Nymo brand

- 1 sheet of white stiffened felt that you will bead on

- scissors

 - an outline of a 4 or 5 petal flower or another very simple image 

Optional but helpful:

- beading mat (or a piece of scrap leather or fabric to lay beads on)

Or buy the kit

Purchase the kit from

(In Felice's opinion, it would be easier and more cost effective to purchase the linked kit from the MetisALIVE etsy shop than to search out the materials for yourself).

Finished object

Beaded pouch

Instructor info

Felice Gladue