Barbara Rahal

Barbara RahalI am a Chilean-born artist, whose medium for the past 26 years has been mainly photography. Since 2020 I have been dedicated to creating macrame.

My passion for this ancient craft and my love for natural fibres started at a young age but it did not develop until early 2020 and the start of the pandemic. My real curiosity for different natural fibres together with the observation of a lack of accessible high-quality materials for macrame makers and other fibre artists led me to create Little House of Macrame.

My work has a modern spin on this traditional knotting craft. I’ve been drawn to creating with my hands from early childhood. Having explored many different mediums, I have found that macramé and weaving provide me with a unique and beautiful balance of structure and freedom. The long strings hanging from the driftwood or dowel or the blank warp ends threaded on a loom are the canvas where it all begins, while the design builds knot by knot and line by line in a slow reveal until the piece is finished. It’s not until I’ve knotted the last knot or cut the tapestry free from the loom that I see the work in its entirety and it takes on a life of its own.

As an artist, my goal is to create pieces that lend beauty and a sense of belonging to the places they will inhabit. Some of my pieces may reflect an inner call for peace, others may be simply the way I see the world around us. Through this creative exploration, I continue to find and hone my voice. Fibre work attracts me for its simplicity: threads twining together to create a whole. Working with fibres provides me with the opportunity to sit in the stillness of my thoughts, allowing my hands to think.

During this workshop you will learn a little about the history of macrame and how to create and design with the most used macrame knots.

Join us to learn

  • Double Half Hitch also known as Clove Hitch,
  • Larks Head and
  • Square Knot.

This pattern is all about creating beautiful leaves, framed by two sashes of diamonds, formed with square knots.

I will have you mastering this leaf/vine technique and design in no time.

You will take home a gorgeous 24” x 30” macrame piece.

A working station will be provided and a kit with all the materials and a PDF booklet with instructions needed is included.

Kindly note that we will be mostly standing during the workshop, chairs will be available as well.