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Boutique Marketplace November 12 13

There Are So Many Ways To Participate In Edmonton Fibre Frolic's Fall Festival!

 November 1st - 10th
November 12th & 13th 2022


The Edmonton Fibre Frolic is a great event that happens every May and November.

We showcase members of the fibre arts community and all the things that are awesome about working with wool.

It's a great way for emerging and established producers and growers from Alberta and across the world to connect with local fibre artists looking to source materials for their next project.

This fall, the event will be held online for the first 10 days, with a break for Remembrance Day, followed by 2 days in person at the Edmonton Expo Centre.

Vendors are invited to apply via the same application form for:

  • virtual trunk shows
  • in-person tables or booths