Annika Peloski

Annika PeloskiDyer | Teacher | Lover of Rainbows
With a background in Graphic Design and Marketing, Annika brings a passion for colour to a new medium in her indie yarn dyeing company.
When she's not busy playing in the dye pots she's spreading the love of fibre to others by teaching them how to make their own special yarns and love colour in all it's forms. A seasoned show hand, she's been behind the scenes of many a booth and knows how to make things go as smoothly as possible from both sides of the curtain.
When not knitting, dying, or teaching, you can find Annika geeking out. Whether it be on photography, unicorn colors, trivia night, dark Sci-Fi shows and superhero movies, guaranteed it's always creative and off the wall.

Colour! We all know that it can make or break a project, but how do we know which of the hundreds of hues out there are the 'right' ones?

Join Annika from Dragon Strings as she walks through colour theory from the very basics to more advance projects with multiple shades and hues.

Why do some colours vibrate and others seem to fade together?

The wonderful rainbow will be explored, explained and expanded upon until you are comfortable making your own beautiful palette to use in all your crafts!

This lecture and question/answer workshop is multi-craftual friendly, and you don't need any prerequisites to come and get colourful.

No kit is required, although there will be colour wheels and pins available for optional purchase if you want to take your new found knowledge to the next level at home.