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Angela Rideout

Angela Rideout
Angela Rideout is a macramé artist based in Edmonton, Alberta and the founder of Ravel & Rove; a name inspired by her creative style: 
Ravel: a tangle, cluster, or knot.
Rove: to go about from place to place usually without a plan or definite purpose; to wander through or over.
Through Ravel & Rove, Angela shares and sells her macramé creations, and enjoys connecting with the fibre art community. She loves the diversity of macramé, using knots to create everything from plant hangers to jewelry to cat beds. There are endless creative possibilities!
When she's "knot" knotting, Angela is likely tending to her 80+ house plants, dreaming of where she will go when we can travel again, or hiking and camping in the mountains with her fiancé. 
You can find examples of her work on instagram at @ravel.and.rove