The Edmonton Fibre Frolic

Since 2016, the Edmonton Fibre Frolic has connected fibre enthusiasts - makers, creators, teachers, learners – everyone sharing a love for all things fibre-related at an annual one-day event. This fall, as we continue to follow public health practices, we are opting for an in-person event on November 13, strictly for shopping, accompanied by a series of virtual workshops.

Who We Are

Although we could not bring any event to you without a crew of helpful and talented volunteers, the EFF leadership team is Angela & Holly - best yarn friends who share a passion for gin, Lady Londonderry tea, all things yarn and a commitment to supporting the growth and development of the fibre community. We are over the moon excited to be at the helm of such a beautiful event and are ridiculously grateful to founders Allison and Jess for passing on this gift.

Questions? Connect with us on social or drop us an email.

Our Mission Statement

We aspire to:

  • Enable every crafter to broaden their horizons, by brushing shoulders with fellow makers, vendors and instructors;
  • Provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talents in fibre arts; 
  • Facilitate a sense of community among fibre artists and crafters of all ages and skill levels; and
  • Expose crafters to the beautiful minds of industry leaders and influencers.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion – ensuring that we create and maintain a safe environment for all participants.