The Fibre Nook

The Fibre Nook

The Fibre Nook is a true gem in the Edmonton yarn and fibre arts scene. Established by two friends from diverse backgrounds, brought together by a common love of creative arts, you can sense the creativity and diversity of tastes when you first walk in the door. There is something for everyone!

Croft Yarn on display

Having grown up on a merino sheep farm, Ros, one of the co-owners, has a unique perspective on the yarns they source and bring into the shop. You’ll find yarns at The Fibre Nook that you can’t find elsewhere in Western Canada–British yarns from rare breeds, spun and prepared in heritage crofts, and hand-dyed yarns from local dyers who don’t wholesale to any other shops.

Lesley, as an archivist, values periodicals and publications, and it shows in the unique collection of publications carried in the shop, from Pompom Quarterly to MDK Field Guides, Making, By Hand Serial, and of course Laine Magazine.

Midknit Cravings in a Basket

Any time you drop by, you’ll be greeted with a cheery hello by the staff, who are just as excited about yarn and knitting as you are, and will gladly help you to find what you need, even if they don’t have it in their shop. They care about helping you with your project!