Plan Your Next Project with Ease

With all of the beautiful yarn, fibre, and tools we know will be at the Frolic, we’re already making wishlists. One thing our team has been thinking about is stash-building - sustainably! 

Plan Your Next Project (or three)

We know that buying craft materials is a separate hobby from using it but this season we’re taking stock of what we have so we can shop for beautiful things that will be unique additions to our stash or the perfect match for a project we have in mind.

With just over a month to the Frolic, we’re starting by literally taking stock of our stashes. Everyone has their own preference for keeping track of each special skein, whether that’s making a quick list for yourself or using a database. Did you know that Ravelry has a stash tool that makes keeping track a breeze? Allison Barnes Yarn wrote a great post summarizing some of the best features in her Organizing Your Stash With Ravelry blog post!

Have projects you’re dreaming of? We created a planner for that - we LOVE a great printable worksheet! Our project planner has space for you to jot down information about the pattern or project you have in mind, a place for listing what tools and fibres you need to bring it to life, plus lots of space for notes and sketches! Download it by clicking below.


Catch us creating project sheets for all of our favourite patterns!